Dear colleagues,

We are very pleased to welcome you to the annual Intercontinental 3D-Surgery Course which will be held from 16th to 19th of May 2018.

As a tradition the course takes place in the scenic and vigorous city of Istanbul where the eastern continent meets the western in an atmosphere between ancient and modern cosmopolitan architecture.

The goal of the course is to present current concepts for the surgery of the 3 D´s which means bone defects, deformities and limb length discrepancies. Modern techniques like locking plates, computer assisted hexapod systems and fully implantable lengthening nails are well established and there are various osteotomy types and tools. Still the course is not only about how to technically reconstruct a bone defect e.g. by callotasis, how to correct a bone deformity by a locking plate or a lengthening a leg by telescoping intramedullary nails. The goal of the course is moreover to first fully understand the specific case by proper analysis, then to plan the surgery meticulously and choosing the best procedure for this individual patient.
We will present elaborated concepts for analysis and planning like practicable tools for planning on paper, affordable software tools and the End-Point-First technique (EPF) for planning of surgeries. A renowned international faculty will give an up-to-date overview and tips and tricks on analysis and planning, on surgical techniques and on implant technology.
A large amount of the content will be supported by hands-on experience e.g. in drawing labs and bone model labs and there is an option to additionally perform various surgical techniques during the cadaver lab.

We will do our best to provide an intellectually stimulating time a most enjoyable stay in Istanbul and to promote future clinical and academic relations in the field of 3D-Surgery.

With the best wishes

PH Thaller, M Kucukkaya, H Kınık

3D-Surgery Course 2015

Aims and Objectives

At the end of the course the participants will understand:

Principles of patient evaluation for "3D-Surgery"

Advantages and disadvantages of osteotomy types and fixation techniques

Principles of preoperative planning for external fixators; CORA method and a computer program base six-axis deformity analysis

Principles of preoperative planning for deformity corrections with nails and with lengthening nails

Principles of preoperative planning for acute correction and plate fixation

Course Format

Interactive lectures

Drawing lab for analysis & planning of osteotomies around the knee

Bone lab for lengthening nails, plates and hexapod systems

Cadaver lab

Case discussion

Main Topics

Clinical and radiological evaluation and preoperative planning

Osteotomy Techniques

Fixation techniques and intra-operative assesment of correction

Pediatric 3D-Surgery

Drawing Labs (End-Point-First-Method)

Sawbone Labs

Management strategies in bone defects and infection

Cadaver Labs

Organizing By

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Orthopedic Trauma & Osteosynthessis Association